South America

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Where are travelers going to be going in 2013? Delta is betting that North Americans are going to continue their pursuit of discovery vacations in South America. And just what makes us so sure? Because the 10 Delta destinations in the “Other America” deliver the kinds of vacation experiences that people are looking for nowadays: adventurous, romantic, nature-oriented, active, cultural and involving.

Throughout South America, adventure abounds: from a network of national parks in Argentina and Chile to the rainforests and flood plains of Amazonia, and from the Andean highs to the sea-level lows of Easter Island and the Galapagos archipelago. Travelers are also going to have the time of their lives in vibrant cosmopolitan cities, known for their world-class museums, irresistible shopping, stylish restaurants serving up delicious, New-World dishes, and nightlife rhythms of tango, salsa and samba. They may be surprised to find a continent full of comfort in grand and boutique hotels in the cities, as well as chic beach resorts on Atlantic and Pacific coasts, sybaritic spas, cozy country inns, eco-lodges with amazing amenities deep in the rainforest, haciendas and estancias where you live the country life—South American-style.

And never far from urban pleasures are “lost world” treasures. In the Andean countries in particular, pre-Hispanic peoples fashioned brilliant societies, remembered today among the archaeological centers of Peru—from Cusco and Machu Picchu in the south to La Ruta Moche in the north; Ingapirca and La Tulipe in Ecuador; and San Agustin and Tierradentro in Colombia. Trails of history branch out from Delta’s gateways to colonial gems, those charming 16th and `17th century towns and villages: some beautifully restored, some UNESCO World Heritage sites, all rich in architecture and tradition.

And naturally, we stand in awe of South America’s commitment to conservation and the grandeur of the national parks, brilliant with exotic flora and fauna. Perhaps none are more familiar than the tropical rainforests of Brazil and Peru, but the nature lover and adventurer now answers the call of the wild in Guyana’s Iwokrama Nature Center, Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta, or the Pantanal in southern Brazil. The great outdoors has its own list of sporting life treats, beckoning scuba divers to explore the depths of Fernando de Norhona Island off Brazil, anglers to go trout fishing in the lakes and rivers of Argentina, and surfers to catch the big waves breaking along the Pacific coast beaches of Ecuador and Peru.

When it comes to an area as large and diverse as South America, there are endless reasons to hop on a plane and take off to one or more Delta destinations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Venezuela. And we thank you for making Delta the top choice on your preferred airline list when planning travel in the Americas—and throughout the world.