Perillo Tours Hosts Webinar on Recovery

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Perillo Tours has announced an educational webinar for travel advisors focusing on the evolution of the travel industry, how it has historically responded to periods of crisis, and the cyclic road to recovery.

The webinar Rising from the Ashes – The Reinvention of the Travel Trade will be led by Steve Perillo, president and CEO of Perillo Tours, the 75-year-old travel company specializing in escorted tours to Italy. It will take place on Aug. 4, 2020, at 2pm EDT, and travel advisors can register for the webinar here.

The one-on-one interview style webinar will hosted by Professor Carol Dimopoulos, president of Perillo’s Learning Journeys, a division of Perillo Tours that specializes in customized travel experiences that combine cultural immersion and hands-on learning.

Perillo will look at the ever-changing landscape of the travel industry and offer a big picture analysis of how various inventions, technologies, and socioeconomic changes have transformed the industry over the years. Topics include the postwar rise of air travel, the introduction of loyalty programs, the rise of the internet, newly formed models of service for travel advisors, and more.

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