Allianz Global Assistance: Statement on Travel Insurance Coverage for Trips to Paris

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Dan Durazo, Allianz Global Assistance’s director, communications, USA has shared the following information and statements regarding travel insurance for upcoming trips to Paris in the wake of last Friday’s tragedy:

As of Monday morning, we have received more than 100 calls from customers asking about their Allianz Travel Insurance coverage for an upcoming trip to Paris. About 50 of those customers have indicated that they intend to cancel their trip to Paris and file a claim.

Allianz Travel Insurance retail policies do provide coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption when there is a terrorist event at the customer’s destination within 30 days of the day they are scheduled to arrive. That means that if your clients are scheduled to arrive in Paris within 30 days of Friday’s attacks, they can cancel their trip and receive payment for their non-refundable trip costs. Allianz Travel Insurance customers who are already in Paris and wish to return early may receive payment for their unused prepaid expenses and may be covered for additional transportation costs to get home early.

Allianz Global Assistance is based in Paris and we have hundreds of employees on the ground there available to help customers who may need assistance. Customers who have questions or need assistance should call us at the number on their travel insurance policy. We are here 24/7 to answer questions, provide information on how to file a claim and provide travel assistance. For more information, visit