Relais & Chateaux has launched a portfolio of over 500 villas—Villas by Relais & Chateaux offering travelers a new standard in customizable personal service, in accommodations that promise space and seclusion outside of a hotel setting. The collection reflects changing consumer attitudes due to the pandemic, fulfilling pent-up demand for travel while ensuring guests feel safe and confident to travel in today’s settings.

Villas by Relais & Chateaux offers a new option for travelers with 500 villas in 30 countries to choose from, and more to follow. All properties within the portfolio have been subject to strict criteria before being included in the new Villas by Relais & Chateaux collection.

The launch of Villas by Relais & Chateaux comes in response to changing consumer priorities. The collection seeks to give guests more control over their stay and confidence in the safety of the family and friends they are travelling with. With dented enthusiasm for long plane journeys in cramped conditions, and a greater demand for staycations that guests can travel to independently, Villas by Relais & Chateaux allows guests to vacation without compromising on safety or service.

The fully customizable service options and focus on food and drink distinguishes Villas by Relais & Chateaux from the wider industry. Guests are guaranteed the same service they could expect if they were staying in a Relais & Chateaux hotel. So, whether enjoying a quiet poolside dinner prepared just for guests by a Michelin-starred chef or indulging in spa treatments delivered privately on-site, guests can appreciate the facilities’ services, plus babysitting is included for those traveling with little ones. 

villas by relais chateaux
One of the Villas in Secret Bay. (Photo courtesy of Relais Chateaux.)

“Guests of Villas by Relais & Chateaux can expect the same level of refined service as if they were staying in one of our hotels—how much they want and when is entirely up to them. Now, more than ever, our guests value personal space and our collection of incredible villas can give them confidence and peace of mind—without compromising on hospitality. Villas by Relais & Chateaux is an essential component of our ability to evolve and thrive as we begin to think beyond the pandemic,” said Philippe Gombert, president of Relais & Chateaux, in a press statement.

Whether in a grand palazzo on a Mediterranean island, a remote ranch in Montana, a cliff-top cabin in Sri Lanka or a rural cottage in Ireland, the collection is diverse while set in natural surroundings. Many properties also offer additional features such as private pools, beaches, hot tubs and tennis courts.

Each villa is available to rent exclusively, offers private access, and has no adjoining properties (with the exception of Villas in city centers). Each features a minimum of 753 sq. ft. in internal space, including dedicated indoor dining spaces, plus outdoor terraces.

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