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The French archipelago of Guadeloupe was entirely spared by Hurricane Irma when it passed through the region on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017.

Hurricane Maria did not hit directly the archipelago, however strong winds and heavy precipitations were experienced across the five islands, especially in the south of Basse Terre, Les Saintes, and Marie Galante. Occasional flooding occurred in localized areas of Pointe-à-Pitre, Grande Terre.

The Guadeloupe Islands are now under GREY ALERT, which means that the population is asked to refrain from using their vehicles—this to facilitate the cleanup of trees and branches off the roads and help crews to safely restore power lines and service to the 80,000 users left in the dark after Hurricane Maria.

“Within two to three days, things will be back to normal in the Islands of Guadeloupe,” said Annick Girardin, French Minister for the Overseas Department of France. 

The Guadeloupe Islands suffered no infrastructural damage. However, we deeply deplore the loss of two lives.

“Guadeloupe Pole Caraibe Airport suffered only minor damage, and has been 100 percent operational since 4.30 p.m. yesterday,  air traffic has now resumed,” said Jerome SIOBUD, Operations Director for Guadeloupe Pole Caraïbe Airport.

“Hotels are up-and-running and suffered only minor damage,” said, Daniel Arnoux, CEO of the Des Hotels et Des Iles Group.

“Hurricanes are an integral part of Caribbean life, we are grateful that the archipelago is able to get back to normal so quickly. Our expertise in hurricane measures, hurricane proof infrastructure and more importantly, the solidarity of the People of Guadeloupe make a strong difference. We will very soon be able to resume our efforts of solidarity with our sister French Caribbean island of St Martin and the island of Dominica, with which we share very strong bonds,” said Sandra Venite, USA Director for the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board.