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Travel All Mongolia is offering an 11-day all-inclusive FAM trip for travel in 2022.

The FAM trip, scheduled for May 10-20, May 15-25, and Sept.

On this trip, you will arrive in Ulaanbaatar and go on a city tour. You’ll also visit Hustai National Park, the Ongi Temple, the Khongor Sand Dune, the Khavtsgait Petroglyphs, and Baga Gazriin Chuluu. While exploring in Mongolia, you’ll also visit Karakorum, the Gobi Dessert and Yol Valley, and enjoy a day trip to the Flaming Cliffs, plus enjoy a cultural show on the last night. Did you know that the Glamming Cliffs in the Gobi is where the first dinosaur eggs the world had ever seen were discovered?

Travel advisors will stay in cozy ger camps while traveling around the Mongolian wilderness, explore wild, unspoiled terrain populated by nomads, and visit a family ger. In addition, travelers will cisit the Gandan Monastery, as well as visit Karakhorum, the site of ancient monastaries and the location of the ancient Mongol Empire’s capital. During this FAM, guests will stay at the Gobi Nomad Lodge.

This 11-day FAM is prices at $999 for travel advisors and is all-inclusive.

For more information, visit or e-mail [email protected].

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