SITA Re-Enters Women’s Travel Market

SITA World Tours

As SITA World Tours gears up to celebrate its 80th anniversary this year, the tour operator is teaming up with The Women’s Travel Group to once again offer women’s tours to exotic locales.

From 1992 to 2006, SITA worked with Women’s Travel Club and women’s travel expert Phyllis Stoller creating a niche product for the market. Now, SITA is once again partnering up with Stoller and The Women’s Travel Group to create a variety of tours designed for the “sophisticated woman traveler,” says Mary Barnett, concierge sales for SITA World tours.

Barnett adds that SITA is pleased to be working with Stoller again considering her background and reputation in the industry. With the partnership, these tours focus on the solo women’s market creating “smart tours and unique itineraries that give women more in the way of an authentic experience,” Barnett says.

The target clientele is women who are well-traveled and who are not heading to Europe for the first time, says Barnett. Another key aspect of these tours is that travelers feel a sense of safety when traveling in a group. The tours also appeal to women’s interests featuring speakers that address women’s issues.

“This partnership with The Women’s Travel Group gives us greater reach into this niche market,” Barnett says.

An example of what makes these tours stand out is when the Colors of India tour visits Pushkar and follows around a marriage negotiator who heads to different village camps.

Other locations for upcoming tours are Argentina, India, South Africa and Cambodia/Vietnam. Rates for Colors of India are $5,095 pp dbl, not including airfare. Rates include transfers; sightseeing tours; hotels; lunches and dinners; Pushkar Fair; and English-speaking local guides. For more information, visit