July 16, 2019 will mark 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission launched from the Kennedy Space Center on its historic journey to the moon. To commemorate the anniversary, 2019 will be the Year of Apollo at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and guests can expect a series of improvements, special events and celebrations throughout the year.

Among the improvements will be the reimagining of the Apollo/Saturn V Center, an interactive exhibit and attraction that explores the Apollo Program from the days leading up to the first launch to the moon landings that followed. A renovated “sense of arrival” will include revamped landscaping, thematic signage and more—setting a new tone for the experience. The focal point of the center will be the dramatically displayed Saturn V moon rocket—one of only three left in the world.

Inside the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

At the entrance to the center’s Lunar Theater, guests will be transported back to 1969 as they step into a period living room recreation to experience what it was like to watch the moon landing. The Astrovan, which transported astronauts to the launch pad and can be seen in the movie “First Man,” is also on display at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Other enhancements will include a Moon Tree garden, a Fisher Space Pen Legacy display, a photomosaic display with interactive elements, renovations of existing exhibits, and the addition of new content, more artifacts, and audio-visual materials, plus an enhanced Touch the Moon exhibit.

The price for daily admission tickets starts at $47 for children ages 3-11 and $57 for guests 12 years of age and older. Additional packages, such as the Dine with an Astronaut experience, are also available for purchase. For more information, visit kennedyspacecenter.com, and for more Florida travel news, including updates on areas impacted by last year’s red tide, click here.