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The Dominican Republic is extending its free health coverage plan to April 30, 2021 for tourists arriving on commercial flights and staying at a hotel. The plan, which was originally set to cover tourists only through January 1, 2021, is effective from the moment of check-in at a hotel and covers all medical emergencies, including those caused in the event of an infection or exposure to COVID-19 while in-country.

“The Dominican government is committed to the reactivation of our tourism industry in an efficient and responsible manner. The free traveler assistance plan has proven to be a success, as it has helped position us as a safe destination where tourists can enjoy different kinds of experiences with the peace of mind that there is a health system prepared to care for them in case of any contingency, at no cost to them,” said David Collado, Dominican Republic Minister of Tourism, in a statement.

The free health coverage plan includes complete care with coverage for medical emergencies in case of COVID-19 including: ambulatory visits, hospitalizations, medicines, prolonged visits due to medical emergencies, specialists attention, visits at various health centers throughout the country, transportation in case of emergency, hospital expenses and penalty costs for flight changes.

The extension of the plan is a measure that attests to the commitment of the Ministry of Tourism with the industry, a driving force for the Dominican economy, and constitutes an important incentive to continue the path of tourism recovery for 2021.

For more information contact the Seguros Reservas Assistance Line by dialing +1 809 476 3232 so that a representative can determine the appropriate course of action on a case by case basis. For additional details regarding what is and is not covered by the policy, click here.

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