What Happens in Vegas, Can In Fact, Stay In Vegas

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According to a 10-question survey conducted by travel insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance through Google Consumer Surveys, 55 percent of the 2,109 respondents reported that what happens in Vegas, more often than not, stays in Vegas. Of the 45 percent of people who claimed that what happened in Vegas did not in fact actually stay in Vegas—69 percent reported the incident spread via word of mouth, social media platforms (25 percent) and the news media (6 percent).

What exactly is happening in Vegas, according to the respondents? Well, people lost money gambling (45 percent of the people who replied), had no memory of the something that occurred (36 percent), got sick (7 percent), sustained an injury (3 percent) or were asked to leave their hotel/casino (2 percent). As a result of the happenings, 25 percent of the people who replied missed their flight, ended up in the hospital, or had their passport/i.d. or wallet lost or stolen. Fortunately for 16 percent of that misfortunate population, they had purchased travel insurance to provide coverage for unexpected circumstances. Surprisingly, Spring Break is not to blame. The majority of people who responded to this survey traveled to Las Vegas for a vacation with family or friends (55 percent), followed by a business trip (17 percent), birthday party (8 percent), solo trip (8 percent) or bachelor/bachelorette party (7 percent), with Spring Break (5 percent) coming in last.

“While travel insurance can’t guarantee that what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas,” said Daniel Durazo, director of communications at Allianz Global Assistance USA, “it can provide coverage and assistance for many unforeseen or unexpected events like covered trip cancelations and delays; lost; stolen or delayed luggage, medical emergencies and more.”

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