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Nestled in the foothills of Mount Taygetus and surrounded by a private forest in the Peloponnese Region of Southern Greece, Euphoria Retreat is an award-winning retreat center focusing on wellness and longevity. The property is located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mystras and near the archaeological site of Sparta about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Athens and an hour from Kalamata International Airport.

Open year-round, Euphoria Retreat is comprised of five separate buildings housing a total of 45 rooms and suites, plus the 4-level 10,000-sq.-ft. Euphoria Spa, offering treatments and therapies that blend ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies and healing practices with modern science.

Location & Philosophy
Marketing director Myrto Efraimoglou says Euphoria’s main point of distinction is its philosophy. “At the heart of our philosophy is the ‘Euphoria Methodos,’ which encompasses our therapies, programs and retreats, our food, our location and design, and even the way in which our team interacts with our guests.” She points out that this approach is built on a unique blending of ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies, practices and a belief that each and every one of us has the ability to become our own healer. Myrto also explains that part of Euphoria’s distinctive philosophy is the 3GL Plus blood and urine tests that allow the Euphoria team to design a customized program for each guest based on the results of the tests.

Location is another point of distinction. “The energy and mysticism of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mystras, the Mediterranean mountain scenery and sweeping valley views, as well as the beautifully landscaped grounds, create an environment of total serenity conducive to complete relaxation,” says Myrto.

Through a variety of individual treatments, programs and scheduled 3- to 7-day retreats, Euphoria Retreat offers a holistic approach designed to restore physical, emotional and mental balance, plus increase one’s consciousness. Programs titled Wellbeing Detox, Weight Metabolic Management, Signature Nutrigenomics and Relax and De-stress are just a few of the many that can be personally customized for individual guests. Once a booking is made, the customization of a program is coordinated with the reservations department and the spa team. Myrto says, “We may use the base of a ready-made program that fits a guest’s main needs and make alterations, or customize a totally unique program.” She adds that the main goals for guests are typically to recharge, rejuvenate, energize, detox, weight loss, de-stress, rebalance and dive into self-awareness.

Daily wellness activities, such as hiking, sound healing, yoga and HIIT workouts are offered complimentary to all guests.

Depending on the season and the room category, room rates (including breakfast) for single occupancy range from 380 euros (US$416) per night to 1050 euros (US$1,150). There is no minimum stay required for FIT guests not participating in a particular program.

Authentic Byzantine Experiences at Euphoria
Inspired by the architecture of the Hagia Sofia Grand Mosque in Turkey, Euphoria’s Sphere Pool is surrounded by cocooning Byzantine domes. There’s also the Byzantine hammam, acknowledged to have been an integral part of daily life in ancient times. Included in a number of signature programs and retreats, the Byzantine hammam, according to Myrto,“channels an aura of eastern mysticism and healing energy.”

Guests of Euphoria can enjoy daily solitary or guided walks and hiking tours  through the private forest and along the slopes of Mount Taygetus. They can explore the ancient sites and the Byzantine castle of Mystras. According to Myrto, “There is something mesmerizing about exploring the town’s ancient Byzantine churches, monasteries, palaces and ruins.”

Target Traveler for Euphoria Retreat

Euphoria Retreat caters primarily to spa-goers and wellness travelers, typically women, age 30 to 70, and luxury travelers (both men and women) as a secondary market. Guests are mostly from the UK, U.S., France, Greece (mainly for weekend spa-goers) and most recently, according to Myrto, there has been a rise in the number of guests from the United Arab Emirates, plus an increasing number of younger couples.

Since Euphoria Retreat guests are encouraged to connect with their inner self, experience self-discovery and be supported on their personal journey, Myrto says, Euphoria is also ideal for solo travelers. “They can choose from all of Euphoria’s offerings: any program, retreat, or single treatment that fits their needs and desires. If solo travelers desire to socialize, they can also join any daily group wellness activity, plus choose to be seated at the Community Tables available at GAIA Restaurant, allowing guests to sit together and feel the sense of community.”

On a final note, Myrto says that beyond the location and the philosophy, if there is one other thing that makes Euphoria Retreat particularly memorable it is the legendary Greek philoxenia towards guests. The literal translation of the term is “love of the foreign.”

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