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What do tennis star Rafael Nadal and Melia Hotels International have in common? Besides both hailing from Mallorca and having a global presence, they are now partnering in a unique joint venture: ZEL, a new brand of accommodations with a Mediterranean flair. The first ZEL will open in Mallorca in 2023; then, the brand will expand across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. The plan is to open over 20 hotels over the span of five years.

“Melia’s international experience of more than 65 years in creating and managing luxury hotels and Rafael Nadal’s inspirational leadership and have come together to create this unique brand we present today,” said Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of Meliá Hotels International, in a press statement. “ZEL, an innovative, energetic hotel brand, will attract and surprise a new generation of travelers that are seeking new ways to focus on well-being and travel sustainably. We are so happy to announce this special partnership with such an admired icon like Rafa.”

ZEL Partners Will Create Unique Stays

In addition to Nadal’s star power, the brand plans to keep the sparkle going by partnering with other people in cuisine, design, well-being and technology. Your clients who look to rejuvenate mind, body and soul will love this new brand and its focus on physical fitness, connection with the outdoors, excellent cuisine and bright, open layouts that mimic the Mediterranean lifestyle. Life in the ZEL will revolve around the central courtyard and will feature terraces, rooftops and/or beach clubs, depending on the location.

Of course, ZEL will also have access to a digital community to keep in touch with their new friends once they head home, in addition to fun, unexpected experiences like rotating pop-ups with local crafters, artists and more to encourage immersive interactions with the local community.

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