Travel Impressions: Going All Out for 2016

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Jeff Clarke, president & CEO, Travel Impressions.
Jeff Clarke, president & CEO, Travel Impressions.

“What is our relevance in the marketplace?” That’s what Jeff Clarke, president and CEO of Travel Impressions, asked a ballroom full of travel consultants earlier this morning during Travel Impressions’ Best of the Best general session. “My competitors have the same products that I have. I have to give you compelling reasons to buy my product.” For 2016, they’ve added a host of new product that speaks volumes about how Travel Impressions is going to maintain that relevance today and going into the future.In fact, Clarke also noted that, “Our success is tied to each other,” referring to Travel Impressions and the travel agent community. “We are part of a family that’s been successful for 40 years and now we are thinking about how we will continue to evolve over many, many years.” He also made it a point to stress that for all the new product, “We are a 100 percent B2B tour operator, and we will continue to focus on you being more successful and ultimately more profitable.”

That profitability, he said, comes first and foremost from the breadth of product Travel Impressions offers—”No one partner leaving us can destroy us because we have a deep product portfolio,” referring to the tour operator’s split with Sandals.

So what’s in store for you for 2016? Top of the list is the LoyalTI First program, which launches Jan. 1, although registration begins next month. It’s fully automated—you’ll earn at least 500 points with every booking; you can choose prizes from curated folios; you stay active and your points will never expire; and you can redeem your points for co-branded merchandise, gifts and gift cards. Best part, though? Next year, you’ll be able to combine points with other Apple Leisure Group brands.

Regarding LoyalTI First, travel consultant Kim Goldstein enthusiastically said, “I think it’s amazing. It’s a great way to encourage agents to work with Travel Impressions even more.

“Next year will also add TI Luxury to the Travel Impressions platter of goodies. These will be $4,000 to $5,000 per guest. Says Clarke, “It’s giving you the option of offering turn-key programs for your affluent guests.”

There will also be more access to Europe product. In fact, for 2016, the portfolio will expand to include additional Melia Hotels International. They’ll be adding 15 hotels, expanding in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. They’ll be new tours in Austria, France, Greece, Italy and Ireland, including a “Game of Thrones” tour in Dublin. Also big for your Europe sales—there’s new commissionable rail product with point-to-point in Italy.

Among other new offerings is Travel Impressions’ expansion into new markets. “Travel Impressions is Incredibly strong in the northeast, but out in the west and southeast, we are not that strong,” noted Clarke. “We need to expand and we will be ringing your doors.”

And look out for the Ultimate Agent Platform, which is set to launch next fall. Look at all the offerings coming your way via the slide below. This will be across all of Apple Leisure Group brands.

Features of Travel Impressions' new Ultimate Agent Platform, available across all of Apple Leisure Group.
Features of Travel Impressions’ Ultimate Agent Platform, available across all of Apple Leisure Group brands.

And, because everyone is talking about Cuba, Travel Impressions will be launching new tours to Cuba next Monday, More on that in another post. All this is embraced by Travel Impressions’ new logo and tagline which reads, “Your success is our destination.”

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