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Condor Airlines is celebrating its new Business Class cabin with ample Prime Seats onboard its new Airbus A330neo long-haul airplane. These four seats in the front row of Business Class can be booked for an additional $240 and come with a slew of extras. Besides the additional legroom and larger bed, when you upgrade your clients on this airline, they’ll get yummy pajamas, slippers, and a fancier inflight kit with Rituals skincare products. There’s also a “visitor” seating option opposite the main seat, which comes complete with a seatbelt and a little table in between, so they can toast to their upcoming vacation together. The Prime Seats boast a larger monitor than the rest of their flight companions, a free internet package and extra snacks.

Condor Airlines Goes All Out on the A330neo

The German airline’s new A330neo pampers its Business Class flyers—even without Prime Seating—with sleeper seats that convert into a 6.5-long flat bed with direct access to the aisle, lots of storage and even a cocktail table.

Inflight entertainment onboard is raising the bar across the airlines, with 250 movies and 160 series free of charge with Bluetooth that allows your clients to use their personal wireless headphones. High-speed broadband internet is available, and seats have individual USB A/C ports or sockets. Clients on long-haul flights will enjoy menus with multiple courses. Depending on the booking class, they can choose from a Standard, Premium or Gourmet menu, and lactose- and gluten-free are available when ordered in advance.

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