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If you’ve caught any of the yachting reality shows on TV, you’ve probably seen the deck crew setting up the water slide for their guests to schuss into whatever gorgeous body of water they’re anchored in. Well, the team at the SeaDream Yacht Club decided the SeaDream II needed one, too, and they’ve just installed their own for clients headed on luxury escapes through the Mediterranean.

“SeaDream is always looking for opportunities to enhance our guest experience,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club in a press statement. “Slides have become popular aboard yachts and we know that our guests will enjoy this new amenity on their SeaDream yachting vacation. This can be a more fun way for guests to enjoy the beautiful waters of the exclusive harbors and secluded ports we visit, as well as reach our retractable marina to enjoy the water-sports activities we offer.”

The branded inflatable slide will be deployed from SeaDream II’s pool deck 19 feet above the water line, giving clients a 23.5-foot-long drop into the intense blue waters of the Mediterranean. If you’re worried that your Caribbean clients will be missing out, don’t fret—SeaDream I will be getting her slide in the coming months, just in time for her Caribbean season.

SeaDream Upgrades and Renovations

SeaDream I, you’ll recall, is also fresh from a multi-million-dollar renovation that retooled every aspect of its 56 staterooms, from hardware to soft furnishings to state-of-the-art electronics, installed new decking, handcrafted Bali beds, sun lounges and stargazers, brought in two new couples Jacuzzis on Deck 6 and much more. The investment elevated the yacht on par with the ultra-luxury and comfort of the SeaDream II, which also received an important infusion of cash earlier this year.

The twin yachts’ boutique size allows them to stop in ports not available to large cruise ships, and they’ll take your clients around the world on 7- to 15-day experiences with inclusive fares that cover just about every expense, including gratuities.

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