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With more travelers requesting trips to destinations in Asia, Travel Impressions has recently relaunched its entire Asia portfolio to provide agents with a wider breadth of products in the area.

“Asia has been gaining momentum as travel preferences continue to evolve beyond the sun and sand formula that has dominated the wholesale industry,” says Scott Wiseman, president of Travel Impressions.

Travel Impressions now offers more than 40 tour options across 15 destinations in Asia, including eight which are new to the company. Newly added destinations include Southeast Asia’s Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, as well as Taiwan off China’s Fujian coast, Bhutan and Nepal on the Indian subcontinent, and South Korea. Additionally, Travel Impressions has enhanced its offerings for China, Japan, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with more in-depth experiential tour products.

Travel Impressions Asia
India’s ancient fortified city of Patan is one of several sites travelers can now visit on a Travel Impressions itinerary.

“Cultural curiosity has become a greater influencer for travel decisions—a trend that will continue to grow over the next few years,” Wiseman notes. “In particular, some of the least familiar destinations are beginning to stand out as the most appealing. Thus, a complete overhaul of our Asia product line was a high priority.”

Examples of the more than 40 tour options include the 4-day Singapore’s Songs experience incorporating a bumboat ride down Singapore River, nighttime views from Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark and the Toa Payon monastery; plus the 7-day Bhutan: Mountain Kingdom journey, which takes travelers to the sacred sites of Paro, the markets and monasteries of Thimphu, and Punakha, where they’ll find picturesque views of the Himalayas.

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