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Blue Diamond Resorts is preparing for guests to return by using this time to enhance their health, safety and cleanliness protocols to ensure each resort can provide a relaxing, luxurious Safety-Assured Vacation.
As a part of the new Safety-Assured Vacations protocol, Blue Diamond has introduced advanced sanitization measures, new physical distancing guidelines, a 360º Clean Approach, and an International Safety Assurance Team to safeguard the well-being of both guests and staff members.
These new protocols for Blue Diamond Resorts include:
  • Safe Vacation Assurance—In accordance with international health standards, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and local/ national Ministries of Health, a Safety-Assurance Team is in position to ensure the strict adherence of all guidelines and comprehensive implementation of sanitation, physical distancing and cleaning protocols to protect guests and employees alike. 
  • 360º Clean Approach—All resort common areas including pools, beaches, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, lobbies, elevators, hallways and other shared spaces will be cleaned hourly. All high-touch surfaces, including general transportation units like golf carts and luggage trolleys, will continuously be sanitized throughout the day, plus fitness center equipment and spa facilities will be sanitized after each use. Blue Diamond is also increasing the daily frequency of cleaning and disinfection procedures for air-conditioning systems of both common areas and guest rooms.
  • Family First—A superior cleaning and disinfection program for kids and teens club’s facilities and equipment has been implemented, in addition to child-friendly signage and physical distancing measures to ensure a safe environment for little ones, tweens and teens.
  • Advanced Dining Safety—All restaurants have reduced capacity and implemented a one-step reservation system to ensure physical distancing guidelines are respected. Further changes include removal of unnecessary items on tables to avoid cross-contamination, elimination of physical menus, the introduction of digital screens to display menu information and physical distancing guidelines at pool bars. 
  • Diamond Clean Guestrooms—Each housekeeping team will thoroughly clean guestrooms from the inside out, with advanced-grade disinfection products to eliminate emerging viral pathogens. Each touchpoint in a guests’ room will be deep cleaned including remote controls, doorknobs, hairdryers, closet doors, thermostats, lamps, telephones, water faucets and toilet handles. All non-essential amenities will be removed and new in-room hygiene kits with personal-size hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and other safety essentials will be placed in rooms. Room service procedures have been updated to ensure safe and distant delivery, as well as the process to replenish mini-fridges and other guestroom items to limit additional entry. 
  • Physical Distancing and Protection—To provide Safety-Assured Vacations, signage and informative messages will be displayed throughout the common areas and in-room TVs to reinforce the importance of following recommendations. To maintain physical distancing protocols, floor markers will be placed around the resort’s common areas, the furniture will be rearranged in common areas, including restaurants, theaters, pool areas, beaches and lobbies. All indoor guest facilities will reduce the capacity to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for both guests and employees. In addition, hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout each resort to encourage guests to sanitize their hands regularly. 
  • Staff Care, Training and Awareness—Blue Diamond upholds its employees to the highest standards of health and safety. All staff members are trained and empowered to keep safe, take care and be smart while delivering Safety-Assured Vacations. Strict hygiene protocols for resort staff will continue to be enforced, including a thorough cleaning and sanitation process at all staff entrances, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), rigorous and frequent hand cleaning with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, daily health and temperature checks at the beginning of every shift and the practicing physical distancing rules.
  • Clean Supplier Commitment—To safeguard their promise to guests, Blue Diamond has put into place agreements with various suppliers and partners to ensure they operate in accordance with the new regulations for the products or services which they provide.

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