Israeli Hotel Introduces Vinotherapy

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Israeli ELMA Luxury Hotel & Arts Complex.
View of the ELMA Luxury Hotel & Arts Complex.

What could be more relaxing than meditating in a garden? Doing so with a glass of Israeli wine in hand, and that’s exactly what’s in store for guests at ELMA Luxury Hotel & Arts Complex.

Located in Israel’s northwestern town of Zichron Yaakov, ELMA Luxury Hotel & Arts Complex invites guests to indulge in complimentary “vinotherapy”—an experience described as half meditation-half wine tasting. This Art of Taste workshop is led by Elma’s resident sommelier and in-house yoga teacher, Shira Lebel, and offers guests a number of local Israeli varietals to taste. Lebel encourages guests to keep their eyes closed in an effort to promote the same mindfulness that is a part of her yoga classes. Participants are guided through the nuances of aroma, mouth feel, acidity and richness of each wine, giving them not only a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wines they are tasting but also wine in general. Classes are held Friday evenings in the hotel’s garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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