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Kayak touring company Florida Adventurer offers a unique opportunity to experience the magic of bioluminescence without leaving the 50 U.S. states.

There are just five bays where bioluminescent dinoflagellate plankton reliably light up each year, and the only one in the continental U.S. is in Titusville, Florida. Peak season for seeing this natural underwater light display is June-September, although tours also are available in May and October.

The Florida Adventurer tours launch from the Indian River Lagoon, located about an hour from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando.

Small-ground tours are led by expert guides. In addition to experiencing the greenish-blue bioluminescent glow of the plankton — which react to disturbances like kayak paddles and hands passing through the water — guests also may see wildlife and enjoy views of the night sky.

Florida Adventurer tours range from $55-$75 per person. Participants must be ages 5 years or older. Tour options include a 120-minute sunset tour, traditional kayak tour (90 minutes), or a tour with a clear kayak (90 minutes).

Bioluminescence is light produced by a living organism via chemical reaction. The light produced by creatures like dinoflagellate plankton is considered “cold light” because it generates little heat or radiation. Most bioluminescent creatures are found in the ocean, and more rarely in bays like the one in Titusville. They almost always live in salt water, not fresh.

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