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With international travel remaining on hiatus, together with an abundance of unattractive restrictions imposed on hotels and resort destinations, premium travel and tour operator, Overseas Leisure Group, has launched an alternative luxury travel option via luxury RV for travelers to explore the great American outdoors while taking responsible health and safety measures to ensure a minimum risk within the remote wilderness.

Discover America has been developed in response to the European travel ban and steep surge in demand for domestic travel by offering a series of bespoke Luxury RV excursions that are customized for today’s affluent traveler. Designed to reconnect the traveler with the natural wonder of the USA, a state-of-the-art recreation vehicle is paired with an inter-state itinerary to create a most memorable cross-country adventure of a lifetime. Each package is tailored to suit the client’s profile and their required level of on-the-road service or self-sufficiency, while providing one-of-a-kind authentic experiences along the way. A Discover America Luxury RV excursion is the most prudent way to independently explore off the beaten track destinations with all the conveniences and comforts of a hotel—while keeping these secluded areas of the country at low-risk and as safe as possible.

“Due to the recess in international travel, our volume of domestic bookings has seen a rapid rise from 5 percent to more than 90 percent over the last month,” says Felix Brambilla, founder and CEO of Overseas Leisure Group, in a press statement. “Never has there been a more critical time to use a travel advisor during the ever-changing landscape of travel during Covid-19. A travel advisor will know about interstate quarantine measures, as well as the protocols and safety guidelines being enforced at each destination, so clients are getting the best insider information. You need to find the proper balance between safety and comfort so the magic of discovery remains. Every aspect of the journey is about acting responsibly, starting with the traveler.”

Overseas Leisure Group has knowledge of the U.S. market, allowing travel advisors to stay abreast of the most attractive and safest options for domestic travel. The company has more than 20 years of experience in advocating the U.S. as an adventure destination, and its travel advisors now play even more of an essential role in designing the perfect journey—combining destination and travel method with today’s safety protocols. A wide array of luxury RVs are available, ranging from compact luxury Mercedes vans for two or three people, up to a top-of-the-line 45 ft. converted coach for six people that is fully serviced and includes a Presidential Suite on wheels, featuring rooms with a queen or king sized bed, full sized bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities, spacious dining area and satellite TVs with 4G internet. In addition to providing an experienced driver if required, Overseas Leisure Group’s Chase Road Concierge offers an all-inclusive service that provides tech assistance, cleaning, groceries, meals, and maintenance, as well as a chauffeur for transportation when the RV is parked. Clients may also choose an alternate mode of transport, including an SUV, convertible car or even a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

With summer travel to Europe currently suspended for U.S. citizens, the luxury traveler is seeking home-grown, off-the-grid options for themselves or their family. Discover America offers breathtaking and scenic road trips that are tailored and pre-determined by the required period of travel that can often be up to two weeks for a single trip. Travelers looking for nature is the common request. From touring the Great Lakes, or experiencing  Wyoming’s National Parks such as Grand Teton or Yellowstone, to visiting a ranch in Montana, any type of RV retreat can be planned for any region in the country. Seeing America on the open road can also include staycations at hotels, villas, ranches and resorts along the way that accommodate RVs on-site and encompass unique activities from cattle drives and archery, to a river rafting camp trip with an Olympic gold medalist. No details are spared to allow an authentic immersion in America, with round-the-clock assistance and a network of safety guides on-call.

luxury RV
Views of Arches National Park in Utah. (Photo courtesy of Overseas Leisure Group.)

Here are some examples of the most popular excursions available from Discover America by Overseas Leisure Group:

The Invisible House at Joshua Tree, California
Forming part of the villa portfolio, located just two hours from Los Angeles and 10 minutes from Joshua Tree, is The Invisible House—an architecturally aesthetic dwelling designed and built by “American Psycho” film producer, Chris Hanley. Nestled in the middle of the desert and on the border of the Joshua Tree National Park, this peaceful 90-acre private retreat consists of three fully furnished bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, complete with minimalistic floor-to-ceiling windows and a 100-ft. indoor pool adjacent to the living room. The master suite has a free-standing tub and sliding glass doors open at either end of the property for unobstructed views of the desert. The structure blends in with its surroundings and changes its appearance, thanks to a mirrored glass exterior. This unique staycation serves as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for couples or smaller families who are looking for something out-of-the-ordinary.

Minimum five nights are recommended. Rates start at $2,800 per night (flights and RV not included). 

From Wyoming To Montana
This 10-day road trip across some of the most picturesque regions of the north west United States allows travelers to experience two of the most infamous National Parks in the country and stay for multiple nights at hand-picked locations nearby for some rest and relaxation after taking-in the magnificent views of nature’s unvarnished beauty. A drive from Jackson Hole Airport brings visitors to Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Valley Mountain Resort and the longest vertical rise of any mountain area in the U.S., known for its wildlife and National Elk Refuge. Guests are booked for two nights at the luxurious Amangani Suites resort, overlooking the Teton Mountains, before continuing on to Yellowstone to witness the beautiful hot springs and gushing geysers of the world’s first National Park. An overnight stay at the nearby Headwaters RV Campground is arranged before continuing on towards Montana and a 2-night stay en route in a Deluxe Tent at Under Canvas, a scenic glamping destination perched on the edge of Yellowstone and the gateway to Montana’s hydrothermal and geological wonders. Upon experiencing the snow-capped peaks and alpine hiking trails of Montana’s breathtaking Glacier National Park, a 4-night stay is booked in a Big Timber Suite at The Resort at Paws Up, a luxury mountain resort and cattle ranch featuring activities that include cattle herding, canoeing, fly fishing and archery, among other outdoor endeavors.

This 10-day trip starts at $62,600 for for guests with Prevost Marathon RV (45 ft.) for four days. Airport transfers, RV, accommodation and driver/concierge (4 days) are included.

For more information, visit or e-mail Lori Kendall [email protected].

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