When in Rome, Fall in Love

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A view of Rome.

For more information, please visit italia.it

Italy offers a treasure trove of offerings to inspire romance, whether your clients are looking for a romantic getaway, the most idyllic spot for a proposal, a flirtatious honeymoon or a glittery destination wedding. Here, we put the focus on the heartbeat of Italy—Rome.

Rome, the capital of Italy, does not disappoint when it comes to exuding romance. Here, extraordinarily beautiful masterpieces dot cobbled streets, ancient sites evoke the ghosts of bygone times, hidden alleyways lead to enchanting trattorias, tree-lined parks invite one to sit back and relax…. With all its marvels, this eternal city is simply enchanting.

And it’s magical year-round. Every season is the right one for romance in this bright and splendid city: spring, with its flowering trees and the first warm weather; summer, with sunny days and a lively atmosphere; autumn, with gold and purple foliage and pink-tinged sunsets; and winter, with lit-up streets and the fairytale atmosphere of Christmas.

For a splendid proposal, tell clients to head to Savello Park, also known as the Orange Garden, with the historic center as a backdrop, or Pincio Park, full of tree-lined avenues, fountains, statues and historic monuments. Or recommend the Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, surrounded by lush Mediterranean grounds, and boasting a museum-worthy art collection.

The Terrace at hotel Eden.

Honeymooners, too, have an endless array of hotels to choose from, including the St. Regis Rome, located between the Baths of Diocletian and Piazza della Repubblica, as well as Hotel Eden, embraced by the Villa Borghese gardens. While strolling through the city, romantic spots pop up everywhere—on the Spanish Steps, with its extraordinary panoramic view; on majestic Tiber Island; at the extraordinary Trevi Fountain; and at the Castel Sant’Angelo…the list is endless.

For more information, please visit italia.it.

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