The Iceland Academy: Inspiring Happier, More Fulfilling Travel in Iceland

Inspired by Iceland launches new tourism campaign Iceland Academy_25Feb2016_07

Iceland Academy, is a new series of online courses to help visitors experience the best of Iceland during their visit. The Academy provides entertaining and educational video tutorials on the topics that prospective visitors to Iceland ask for advice on the most, as well as those that they may not think to enquire about, but probably should. Classes are conducted by local experts who provide a wealth of insider knowledge and helpful advice.

“Our aim is to ensure a happy and meaningful experience for tourists, whilst raising awareness about how to travel in a safe and responsible manner,” says Inga Hlin Palsdottir, director for tourism and creative industries at Promote Iceland. “With increased interest in Iceland as a destination, we feel we have a responsibility to not only inspire, but also educate our prospective visitors, and encourage sustainable travel. Iceland is a unique destination, but it also offers unfamiliar conditions. Iceland Academy invites tourists to better understand the key aspects of both Icelandic nature and culture to make sure they have the most enjoyable, yet safe experience during their stay.”

Iceland Academy topics cover a variety of aspects of Icelandic culture; from explaining hot tub etiquette and local food sustainability, to glacier safety and explaining why tourists should never mess with the local’s treasured Icelandic moss. Eight tutors, who are all experts have been selected to impart their knowledge with guests in their field. These range from a Duty Officer for Iceland Search and Rescue, a member of the Iceland culinary team, and the tour manager for the best-selling indie outfit, Of Monsters and Men.

Classes are open to everyone via the Inspired By Iceland website and social media channels. Viewers are invited to attend each class and those who complete a full four-seminar term, will have the chance to win a “field trip” to Iceland to test out their new skills. For more information, visit