New Product Offerings from Collette

Spotlight on Florence with Collette.
Spotlight on Florence with Collette.

Collette, a Rhode Island-based international tour operator, announced a new product line called Spotlights with departures beginning in May of 2015. Collette Spotlights offer a more in-depth exploration where travelers have a chance to relax and experience daily life during a single hotel stay.

Spotlights are unique by blending the inclusions Collette is known for with free time for your clients to explore on their own. These new tours are sure to appeal to all types of travelers, especially those getting their feet wet into guided travel. Additionally, giving them the luxury to unpack just once, is also a huge selling point.

Each Spotlight has their own story to tell, and with the right blend of inclusions and leisure time they are certainly a great product for your clients to discover. Whether a traveler has been captivated by a city in the past and wants to revisit or they’re looking for a shorter trip, these tours are the perfect choice.

Send them beyond the Theme Park
It could be the wide-eyed wonder of seeing the Eiffel Tower or a shared laugh at the end of a day in a national park; regardless, it’s those emotional moments that make Collette family tours easy sell. Combined with all the ease and benefits of guided travel, they are the perfect solution for those looking to take a trip that doesn’t involve rollercoasters this year.

Make sure you have a supply of Collette family brochures on hand so the next time a someone asks, “What can I do with the kids this summer?” you’ll have the answer. To learn more about Collette, and order your Spotlights or family brochures, visit

Don’t forget about BYOB
Collette announces the return of its annual Book Your Own Bonus agent incentive. Agents qualify for this promotion after their very first booking and receive incentive earnings in addition to their commission.

Following their initial booking, their money starts to grow—earn $50 on the second booking, $100 on the third booking, and any booking after three receives $100 per booking. Best of all, there’s no limit.

This offer is valid on new retail bookings made from Sept. 1, 2014 to Dec. 15, 2014 for departures in 2015 on all of Collette’s product lines, including Explorations, Family, Royal Horticultural Society Garden Holidays, and Spotlights.

For more information, agents are directed to please call (800) 611-3361 or visit