Martinique Offers New and Exciting Tours

The Savane Esclaves. (Photo credit: David Baude.)
The Savane Esclaves. (Photo credit: David Baude.)

This year, Martinique has extended its offer of excursions and tours with nine new attractions; based on different aspects of the destination, such as nature and adventure, as well as water activities and culture.

Tours depart from Pointe Simon and Les Tourelles ports in Fort-de-France. Travelers can get immersed in the Martinican heritage at the Slaves Savannah village, while enjoying a day, with their toes in the water at the white sanded Pointe-Marin Beach, watch iguanas at the almost pristine Islet Chancel or discover Fort-de-France during a walking tour. Travelers can also take the opportunity to encounter sea turtles and spend the rest of the day at Grand Anse, a beautiful beach with warm and crystal clear water.

For a taste of Martinique history combined with its unique rum, they can experience the Clement and La Pagerie tour, where they learn more about the making of Martinique’s reknown agricole rum, and of course taste it too, which are the only rums to carry the exalted Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) designation, and are also known for the finest wines and cheeses in France. Guests also discover Josephine’s life in Martinique, who was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, at la Pagerie museum.

Also new this year to the public is the opening of the 17th century Fort Saint-Louis. Visitors can arrange for guided tours of the city’s newest attraction (also one of its oldest structures), Fort Saint-Louis, at the Fort-de-France Office de Tourisme information kiosk.

Originally carved from a rocky promontory jutting out into The Bay of Fort-de-France, Fort Saint-Louis has expanded in concert with The City of Fort-de-France since its initial opening in 1640, eventually covering an area in excess of 473,612 sq. ft. At its highest point, the fort now towers nearly 200 ft. over the city and the bay, making it one of the first things cruise visitors see when approaching the city aboard the ship.

This year, travelers have plenty of good reasons to visit Martinique.