Family for Agents

Family vacations with Collette.

Are your clients tired of taking the same family vacation year after year? Do they come to you and complain that their kids don’t even want to travel with them anymore? As a travel professional, you have the opportunity to create a lifetime of memories for families in a small amount of time. Collette family tours bring travelers of all ages together to experience the world’s greatest destinations. Wherever your clients decide to go, our affordable rates and engaging itineraries make the most of every moment.

It could be the wide-eyed wonder of seeing the Eiffel Tower or a shared laugh at the end of a day in a national park; regardless, it’s those moments that make family travel so special. And with Collette, those times couldn’t come easier. From finding the perfect hotels to developing exciting itineraries, we’ve taken care of all the planning.

Throughout the travelers’ journey, they are given the chance to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Inclusions such as a rafting tour of the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies or a thrilling stop at the Roman Gladiator School only add to the excitement. These family tours blend the must-see’s of each destination with hands-on experiences that open upon new vistas.

There’s no better classroom than the world, no better education than taking a walk through history. Today’s parents, and grandparents, want to share the riches of travel with their children and grandchildren. Each tour in our family line is specially crafted with the best local experiences, iconic must-see’s, family-oriented hotels and immersive cultural activities. Children ages 14 and under enjoy substantially discounted rates.

All of our Collette tours, including the family line, offer sedan service inclusive of air travel. When you book your clients air travel with Collete, they’ll be picked up at their home and taken to the airport (as long as they live within 50 miles of a major hub). After the trip, Collette makes sure they get back home as well. What’s better than not having to worry about getting a family of 10 to and from the airport? As an agent, you’ll earn commission on air booking as well.

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