Fall in Love with the Romance of Maui

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Maui has become a global hot spot for couples rekindling romance, saying “I do” and honeymooning in style. Why? Because the island delivers an endless variety of sights, settings, and experiences to add the perfect chapter to every couple’s personal love story.

Inspiring Sights & Settings
From dawn to dusk—and well beyond—your clients can discover scenic beauty all around the island that strengthens their connection to nature…and to each other. Wrapped together in a blanket, early risers can enjoy an intimate sunrise over Haleakala Crater; night owls can sip cocktails and watch the sun slowly slip below the horizon as they cruise the golden Kihei coastline; outdoor adventurers can hike to East Maui’s breathtaking waterfalls; and couples seeking pure relaxation can pass the time lounging on one of the island’s beaches—some of which have been voted the best in the world—or ensconced in the tranquility and bliss of a luxurious spa.

Enriching Experiences
Trying something new together delivers a boost of excitement to any relationship. Animal lovers will never forget observing a whale migration—West and South Maui are the gateways to some of the best winter whale watching on the globe. Booking a vacation for a competitive couple? Sign them up for surfing lessons so the first one standing earns a lifetime of bragging rights. Have adrenaline junkies on your client roster? Be sure to include some memorable adventures on their Maui itinerary, such as ziplining, helicopter tours, paragliding, scuba diving, sport fishing and rappelling, among others.

But there’s even more for your clients in Maui—and all the Hawaiian Islands—and only one place to learn about it all. The Official Hawaii Destination Specialist Program delivers the knowledge you need to plan and book the rich experiences that add up to the perfect vacation—again and again. Begin your journey to expertise today at agents.gohawaii.com.