Enterprise Educates Travelers on Driving Abroad

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Driving in Europe can be a daunting task with all of the unfamiliar road signs, local laws and protocol, but it doesn’t have to be. Before you put your clients behind the wheel of an Enterprise vehicle, make sure they’ve reviewed the company’s series of European Driving Guides.

Designed to give travelers a good idea of what to expect when visiting and driving abroad, Enterprise’s France, Germany, Ireland and UK Driving Guides feature helpful guidelines about common driving practices, including rules of the road and parking tips. In an interview that appears in Recommend’s April issue, Jeff Coggin, assistant v.p. of travel agency sales, Enterprise Holdings Inc., gave a few pointers that he says will “remove customer barriers to renting internationally.”

“The Driving Guides can help remove some of the challenges that agents encounter with customers concerned about renting a car because they address many common misperceptions about driving in a particular country,” said Coggin. “For example, many think left-sided driving is the norm throughout all of Europe, but it’s actually not. Educating travelers about unique driving circumstances eliminates the risk of false perceptions or unwarranted concerns.” Each of the 1-page guides also note where to find an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location, how to “park smart” and the numbers to call if travelers get into an accident or need roadside assistance.

“Our rental process includes a hands-on approach that ensures drivers are educated on how to operate the vehicle they are renting before they leave the lot,” said Coggin. “Our employees take the time to show our customers the various features of the car and answer questions about the vehicle or the local area if needed.”

Additional guides for Spain, Mexico and Italy are in the process of being produced. For more information, visit enterprise.com/drivingguide.