Clients Demand Special Needs Travel Options

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special needs
A family enjoying the theme park.

The trillion-dollar travel industry is experiencing a massive shift: special needs travel is becoming the fastest growing segment of the market.

Currently, there are over 20 million families with autism around the world and an estimated 53 million Americans with disabilities. This population has long been underserved when it comes to travel.

A recent study found that, although 89 percent of families with children on the spectrum want to travel, only 11 percent are satisfied with the current options and services. The demand for better travel opportunities for individuals who have autism is rapidly growing as more and more people don’t want to miss out on creating memories and enjoying fun experiences with their families.

Traveling Ease Made Possible for Families with Special Needs Children
is working with travel destinations and travel professionals to train and prepare them so that they can provide a safe and fun travel experience for individuals and families who have autism and other sensory disorders.

IBCCES offers the Certified Autism Travel Professional (CATP) certification program designed for travel professionals who wish to serve this $262 billion market. The training allows travel agents to better understand and provide travel-related services to individuals on the spectrum. A CATP is highly sought after by families who include individuals with autism because they provide a sense of ease and valuable resources when planning a trip. A list of qualified travel agents can be found here.

Becoming a CATP gives individuals a leg up in an undeniably competitive industry. Learn more about the certification process here.

Many Leading Travel Destinations are becoming Certified Autism Centers
Many popular travel destinations are acting as leaders in the industry and have already earned the Certified Autism Center (CAC) designation, including Beaches Resorts, Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, SeaWorld Orlando and Sesame Place.

As a Certified Autism Travel Professional, you will be trained in how best to help families find these options.

Better Travel for All is Good for the Travel Industry and for Families with Special Needs
The travel industry is waking up to the fastest growing segment of the market and leading organizations are setting the bar high when it comes to providing resources and services to individuals who have special needs.

Don’t get left behind! Get certified now so that you can assist a population of over 20 million families who have been underserved for far too long.