Botanical Gardens On Hawaii Island

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The sweet perfume of native tropical flora truly captures the Hawaiian spirit of aloha. It’s also the perfect inspiration for planning an exceptional sensory vacation on Hawaii Island as your garden-loving clients explore:

  • Botanical World Adventures
    Guests can enjoy self-guided and guided tours—or even Segway and zipline tours—of tropical gardens that feature exotic flowers and trees, plus two stunning waterfalls. Little ones can challenge themselves in a children’s maze formed entirely from 5-ft.-tall hedgerows of mock orange bushes.
  • Bountiful Blossoms
    One of Hawaii Island’s nicknames is The Orchid Isle. But it also boasts brightly colored hibiscus, sweet-smelling puakenikeni and elegant gardenias. It’s magically adorned with birds of paradise, anthuriums and plumeria blooming in private yards and growing wild in beach parks and along roadsides.
  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens
    A 17-acre nonprofit, educational garden with more than 2,000 plant species. Highlights include 200 types of palms, a giant jackfruit tree, heliconia trail, banyan canyon and more than 80 varieties of bromeliads. A landscaped 500-ft.-long boardwalk beautifully leads into a valley and alongside picturesque Onomea Bay.
  • Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden
    As part of the Bishop Museum, this 15-acre botanical garden focuses on the study of the Hawaiian people and their plants. Guests can also catch a breathtaking glimpse of endemic Kamehameha butterflies in the garden’s native insect house, open seasonally.
  • Akatsuka Orchid Gardens
    A 13,000-sq.-ft. showroom featuring several varieties of orchids and other tropical flowers—dendrobiums, oncidiums, phalaenopsis and more. True enthusiasts must see the paphiopedilum orchid that blooms between May and August and is valued at a staggering $20,000.
  • Nani Mau Gardens
    A 22-acre botanical garden displaying a tropical fruit orchard, ginger garden, anthurium grove, coconut trees, hibiscus garden and other exotic vegetation. It’s no surprise that Nani Mau—which translates to “forever beautiful”—is a popular spot for local weddings and receptions.

But there’s even more for your clients on Hawaii Island—and all the Hawaiian Islands. The Official Hawaii Destination Specialist Program delivers the knowledge you need to plan and book the rich experiences that add up to the perfect vacation—again and again. For more information, visit