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Effective immediately, the government of Argentina is reimbursing its foreign visitors the Value Added Tax (VAT) from hotel and lodging stays across the country. These refunds, amounting to 21 percent, cover both lodging and breakfast services if they are part of the lodging booking.

Gustavo Santos, minister of tourism, notes that “the refunds of VAT payments, combined with a favorable exchange rate and the elimination of the reciprocity fee for U.S. citizens, significantly increase the appeal of Buenos Aires and the country’s 23 provinces to our country.” He also points out that “by exempting non-resident tourists from VAT payments, we seek to increase the competitiveness and the quality of Argentina’s travel [product].”

Argentina is known for its vast range of accommodations, including five-star hotels in the capital and other cities, as well as rural estancias and vineyard resorts. For more information, visit