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Worth International Media Group has announced new integration functionality for Recommend’s EDU travel agent specialist platform. This seamless functionality allows VacationCRM software as well as third party travel sites to automatically track bookings into Recommend’s EDU rewards module. Participating destinations like Saint Lucia’s PASS program offer additional rewards and benefits to travel agents who record their booking on Recommend’s EDU specialist platform.

“Automatic updating saves valuable travel agent time in a typical day—and best of all, provides easy compliance to agents specializing in destination programs,” says Gary Herman, EVP at Worth International Media Group.

Other enhanced platform functionalities, which engage travel agents and improve their experience on the site, include full-screen location map through Google API and full-screen background display slideshow with high-definition pictures and graphics to give a more in-depth experience of the destination.

Additionally, the enhanced multimedia EDU training program features icon-based intuitive navigation buttons and controls to easily explore the site, faster load time, the latest HTML5 animation, easy-to-read text flow throughout the site, multi-language site translation and enhanced mobile and tablet touch controls in responsive mode.

“The partnership between Recommend EDU and VacationCRM will simplify the process for busy travel agents. Many top travel agents are relieved with the integration of the VCRM and the new system. This prevents the need to go to multiple websites to register and makes travel agents much more productive,” says Stephen Kelly, General Manager at VacationCRM, LLC.

The VacationCRM integration functionally for Recommend’s EDU travel agent specialist platform is now live at