Tzell Travel Group is now offering travel advisors a new Travel Agent Bootcamp and a new Talent Development team to help agencies with new recruits.

“Our goal is to develop a pipeline for new advisors to join Tzell and be successful,” says Monty Swaney co-president of Tell Travel in press materials. “We are seeing an incredible amount of interest in joining Tzell and becoming travel advisors. We designed the Advisor Bootcamp to train and support those new advisors so they may grow their businesses and reach their goals quickly.”

In response to this growth in interest, Tzell Travel created its Travel Agent Bootcamp, which is aimed at professionals interested in becoming travel advisors who are new to the travel agency industry, or who are new to running a business. The 10-week program is made up of both classroom and virtual learning with a live instructor, and has been designed to train future advisors on all aspects of the travel agency business, as well as training in the most common Global Distribution System, or booking system, SABRE.

The Bootcamp training includes everything from geography, suppliers and consortia in the marketplace, how to build an itinerary, and fraud prevention, as well as business planning and goal setting. The assignments will be reviewed by an instructor who will give personalized feedback to the attendees. Once the advisors have graduated from the Bootcamp, they will have access to the Talent Development team for continued support in growing their businesses.

travel agent
Tzell offers travel advisors training to successfully run their business.

“As travel has become more complex, and travelers want more personalized experiences, demand has increased for experienced travel advisors working at the top of their game in both leisure and corporate travel,” says Cindy Schlansky, co-president of Tzell Travel Group in press materials. “Tzell advisors are seeing their businesses booming so we created these opportunities for new advisors with a new coaching support team for our existing advisors to help them maximize their businesses and create plans and ensure they know how to use all the tools at their disposal.”

In addition to the support team that’s available for current advisors, Tzell is increasing its educational opportunities as well. The agency recently introduced a Leisure Bootcamp for advisors looking to increase their leisure business, and has also implemented a full-day, immersive, leisure training seminar to provide advisors with tips on growing their leisure business, updates on best practices, and new developments in the leisure marketplace.

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