Puerto Vallarta’s Cruise Port Authority Completes New Welcome Center

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Puerto Vallarta’s Cruise Port Authority has completed the construction of its new cruise passenger welcome center, “Los Alambiques,” and themed shopping center “Hacienda Tequilera.” This is the second phase of work completed by the port authority of Puerto Vallarta at Puerto Magico terminal, following the 2018 installation of the local tourist boats and motor lobby. The new construction had a private investment of $16 million and will be fully accessible in May 2020.

The “Los Alambiques” welcome center consists of three buildings—built to resemble the historic tequila haciendas and sugar mills of the state of Jalisco—which will house a duty-free shop, offices for local authorities and for Customs and Border Control.

“Hacienda Tequilera,” meanwhile, will boast a variety of shops offering regional products such as tequila. The location will also host cultural productions and other entertainment for cruise passengers and other nautical tourists, crew members and the general public. In addition to offering novel experiences to tourists arriving in Puerto Vallarta, the Hacienda will be accessible to the local community—the first port to do so in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta’s port infrastructure is being modernized under the auspices of Mexico’s National Development Plan 2019-2024 and the objectives of the National Plan of Ports and Merchant Marine 2019-2024 aimed at:

  1. Development of new commercial port and tourist businesses to create more employment, increase the economic impact of cruise passengers and promote regional development
  2. Developing new quality port facilities to increase the capacity and efficiency of the services offered by the port
  3. Attracting private investment in the development of the port to minimize the use of public resources and create better paid jobs
  4. Opening the port space to the population of Puerto Vallarta and its growing receptive tourism business to allow the enjoyment of its facilities and services, as well as improving their experience in the destination
  5. Improving the operational capacity of the port and enhance customer service.
Backed by local investors, the facilities for passenger and tourist services of Puerto Magico consists of a total area of ​​258,334 sq. ft. and created 821 direct and 3,284 indirect jobs in the region. Officials estimate that 4.8 million people will visit the port annually, providing Puerto Vallarta an important economic impact.

Puerto Magico is a commercial, cultural and entertainment development, designed to meet the needs of a high influx of tourists and open to the public, that will house 76 stores, including a tequila museum, a chocolate museum, Diamonds International Jeweler, local artisan jewelry stores, restaurants, clothing boutiques, accessories shops and traditional Mexican and Jalisco cultural offerings such as dance, mariachi and other performances for cruise passengers, other nautical tourists, receptive tourism and the local population.

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