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Clients book vacations hoping to decompress and relax, and wellness brand Sensei is bringing wellness to the forefront with two retreats—one at California’s Sensei Porcupine Creek and another at Hawaii’s Sensei Lana’i, A Four Seasons Resort—to help them do just that. The best part? With the new Rest & Recovery program, your clients will learn techniques they can take back home with them to continue their wellness journey.

“Improving sleep and reducing stress are two of the most common intentions that we encounter when working with our guests,” said Dr. Vishal Patel, Sensei co-president and chief medical officer, in a press statement. “For the wellbeing of our guests, it was imperative that we create a new program focused on rest and recovery. In this program, we will equip our guests with the tools to manage chronic stress—all within the safe haven of our Sensei retreats.”

Details on Sensei’s New Programs

The new Rest & Recovery program unfolds across five days, during which your clients will have their own Sensei Guide and a team of practitioners. They begin by analyzing their current state—mind and body—then go on to teach them stress management techniques and more. This is scientifically based, so the guides will fit clients with a complimentary WHOOP 4.0 band to read their biomarkers.

The program also includes new 1:1 sessions in sleeping, where clients have a private session to help them regain restorative sleep, and “sensory eating,” where they will consult with a nutrition guide and eat dishes prepared by the Sensei by Nobu kitchens. A third 1:1 component, My Recovery, your clients will work with a Mindset Guide to learn how to manage their stress responses in everyday life.

Additional nights can be added separately to the minimum five-day Rest & Recovery Program. In addition to the guided sessions, personal consultations and on-site work, the program also includes pre-arrival and post-stay components.

The program is offered at both resorts but by their nature, there will be unique experiences available in each one. Those enjoying the Sensei Lana’i program will have access to the Lana’i Adventure Park, which means forest bathing and tai chi surrounded by nature. At Sensei Porcupine Creek, they will have access to 1:1 yoga classes or a 1:1 ridge hike. Please note the program is still evolving, so check in with each property for new and upcoming experiences.

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