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African Travel, Inc. has launched African Travel University, an e-learning program that educates agents on the destination, as well as African Travel, Inc.’s itineraries, marketing incentives, and exclusive offers.

The first two courses, which are now open for enrollment, include “Join the African Travel Herd” and “Africa Your Way.” In the “Join the African Travel Herd” course, agents learn about African Travel’s five unique selling points, its different travel styles, the destinations the company covers, and what a client may experience during a day on safari. In the “Africa Your Way” course, agents learn how to find the right client and how to match them to the right destination. They’ll also review the destinations clients can visit, and learn how to identify the ideal destination for each safari client.

Our highly motivated agent partners appreciate our ongoing commitment to help them skillfully sell our transformational experiences with greater skill and confidence. —Sherwin Banda, President of African Travel, Inc.

Once completing African Travel University, agents become certified African Travel Specialists and earn 50 Safari Bucks, which can be used toward an agent’s participation in an agent education trip. The Safari Bucks can only be earned until June 30; and certification is now a prerequisite to qualify for an educational trip.

For more information, or to sign up for African Travel University, visit