Karisma Hotels Creates “Show Your Love” Campaign

Karisma Hotels Show Your Love Story
Pictured: Sra. Dolores and Snr. Martinez

This year, Karisma Hotels and Resorts’ 11th Annual Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Agent Sales & Marketing Forum Awards 2018 will feature a special commemoration celebration for Snr. Martinez and Sra. Dolores, owners of El Dorado Spa Resorts, Generations Resorts and Hidden Beach Resort.

Through the SHOW YOUR LOVE campaign, agents can show their appreciation for these people who have always demonstrated a deep love and support of the travel community and the local community in Mexico. To participate in the campaign, Karisma is inviting agents to submit photos and/or videos detailing their special memories and relationships with Snr. Martinez and Sra. Dolores. Agents can submit their materials to Danielle Montes de Oca at showyourlove2018@gmail.com with subject line: SHOW YOUR LOVE/Agent Name. The email should include the agent contact information along with a photo caption and date/timeframe of when the memory occurred. The campaign will continue through the end of November 2018 and will be revealed (as a surprise gesture) at the 11th Annual GIVC Awards where the Martinez’s will be honored on stage.

For more information about Karisma Hotels and Resorts, visit karismahotels.com. Karisma is also offering FAMs to its properties in Mexico and the Caribbean on select dates now through October 2018; click here for details.