Independent by Liberty Travel Launches

Independent by Liberty Travel

Liberty Travel is expanding with the launch of Independent by Liberty Travel, a group of self-motivated, travel-loving agents that are independent, yet part of the expansive Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) family, the parent company of Liberty Travel. These travel consultants can do business where and how they choose, based on their customer’s preferences.

This was a strategic decision to expand the company’s reach while simultaneously giving Liberty Travel an advantage with talent retention and acquisition. This newly formed network not only addresses the changing way people work, but the way customers shop for travel.

“Today’s mobile lifestyle has people living, socializing and working in all corners of the globe. It comes as no surprise that travel agents—with their deep passion for exploration and desire to deliver first-hand knowledge of as many places as possible—are the most mobile in their careers,” said Dean Smith, president, FCTG, the Americas, in a press release statement. “With today’s increasing fluidity in where we can work from—home, airplanes, coffee shops and beyond—and the need for flexibility and entrepreneurship, the advent of Independent by Liberty Travel lends itself to work-life balance that is relevant to both consultants and the customers they are servicing.” 
Independent by Liberty Travel is welcoming applicants at all levels. The Independent by Liberty Travel network has access to all of Flight Center Travel Group’s exclusive hotel, air, cruise, and tour partners, making travel—and selling.
There are no hidden fees with Independent by Liberty Travel, agents will never be charged for ticketing, invoicing, customer service, or sales and support. From tech support to marketing collateral, sales and operational support, financial services and more, the details and backend teams are in place to make this turnkey and stress-free for agents.
Beginning with the class of spring 2018, all members will have access to robust educational workshops with cutting-edge curriculum. These workshops are available via live webinars and as self-guided online modules.
Interested candidates can learn about membership by reaching out to the Independent By Liberty Travel business development team at (877) 219-5005, by e-mail at or at