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While it might be the iconic sights of the world that first entice travelers to pack their bags for adventure, it’s often the tucked-away towns, lesser-known nooks, and secluded seafronts that beckon us to return. On an undiscovered tour with Globus and Cosmos, we lead your clients away from the lines of the Colosseum and down the sunny side streets of quaint Tuscan towns; away from the hustle and bustle of London and into charming villages in the heart of the British countryside. We leave behind the crowds and go beyond the familiar, trading them for places known only
to locals.

Introducing NEW “Undiscovered Mediterranean.” The Mediterranean’s sapphire seas will lure travelers in and convince them to stay a while. But beyond the azure waters lie tiny whitewashed villages nestled against sandy shores, marble-clad fortresses, and winding chains of turquoise waterfalls—places loved by locals and untouched by most. Globus and Cosmos invite your clients to dive deep into the blues of the Mediterranean’s secluded seaside towns and medieval alleyways. Follow us down sun-soaked streets to discover the places where cities, seas, and cultures connect —places they won’t find on other tours or cruises. No one gets them closer to the magic of
the Mediterranean.

Touring is the best way to rediscover the Mediterranean. Invite your clients to come back to the Med and fall in love again for the first time with 11 off-the-beaten path Mediterranean tours.


  • Secluded Shores and Sun-Washed Cities: Globus offers 11 Undiscovered Mediterranean Tours!
  • Travel Advisors can access a complimentary Undiscovered Marketing Kit on the travel agent portal
  • New to selling touring? Fancy increasing your touring sales? Take our new Globus university specialist course!


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