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You can now explore Lebanon on this FAM trip filled with beach, nature and outdoor activities on the 6-day Best of Lebanon itinerary.

You’ll experience modern-day Beirut, local cuisine, plus the get to know the local people of a country that is both traditional and progressive. For all the flavors of its storied past and rugged natural beauty, Lebanon is a well-kept tourist destination that awaits your exploration.

While in Beirut City, you’ll stay at the 4-star Golden Tulip Serenada. Here, you’ll go on a city tour to explore Corniche, the famous Pigeoun Rocks, the old city, the Grand Serail, Martyr’s Square and the National Museum.

While driving along the coast to see the Jeira Grotto, you’ll head to Harissa to visit the Our Lady of Mary statue by cable car that offer views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Then it’s off to Byblos, where you’ll lear about “one of the oldest continually inhabited cities of the world” and the birthplace of the linear alphabet. Here, you’ll see the Crusader Casle, the medieval port, and the remains of the Roman city walls.

Next, it’s off to Tripoli, where you’ll visit the Mamlouk’s mosque, check out the colorful bazaars and souks, and then visit the Cedars forest natural reserve. While in Becharre, you’ll get to visit the famous poet-philosopher Kalil Gibran museum and stop for panoramic views at the top of the Qadisha valley of the Saints. Finally, you’ll head to Kozhaya Valley to vist the St.Antoine Monastery, which is set on the mountainside.

This FAM starts at $599 pp with departure dates available through December 2020.

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