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Discover San Pedro De Atacama on this 4-day FAM to Chile with Sunny Land Tours.

On this journey, travel advisors will head for an excursion to Moon Valley & Dead Valley once in San Pedro de Atacama. Moon Valley, which is located in the Cordillera de la Sal, is known for its geological stone formations and natural mineral sculptures, which resemble the moon’s landscape. Here, travelers can also explore caves and mineral deposits of a stone that is similar to quartz. Death Valley is a mountainous and sandy site featuring salt formations that look like works of art.

The next day, it’s off to an archeological tour where you’ll discover the culture of Atacama, or LikanAntai. Guests will learn about the local inhabitants of this region and their way of life from pre-Columbian to Colonial times. You’ll explore the various cultures that called this area home and learn about their traditions at archaeological sites such as Tulor and the Pukara de Quitor. The village of Tulor is the oldest remaining ancient community in the Atacama Basin, and the first human settlement called “Cuna de los LikanAntai (Cradle of the LikanAntai people)”. The Pukará de Quitor, is a construction that dates back to the 12th century, which witnessed decisive historic events that are part of the local culture.

On the third day, travelers will visit the Toconao Village and Atacama Salt Flat. You’ll also visit the San Lucas Church, made of mud and straw, which was built in 1641. Then you’ll head to the handicraft fair, which is popular for its Alpaca wool and creative crafts made of cactus or volcanic stone. While at the Atacama Salt Flat, you’ll get to see pink flamingos at the National Reserve of Los Flamencos, a protected flamingo breeding reservoir. Then at the Chaxa Lagoon, you’ll get to see the thickly encrusted shores with salt and salt floating on its surface.

On the final day of exploring Chile, you’ll head out at 4 a.m. to explore the Tatio Geysers. Here, you’ll get to enjoy breakfast and spend time at the hot pool. Then it’s off to explore Machuca, a little town where local families dedicate their life to grazing and agriculture.

Rates start at $2,399 for travel dates through 2022. Included on this FAM are accommodations at selected hotels, meals per the itinerary, private transfers, private guide, and entrance fees as indicated on the itinerary.

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