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Set on 256 acres of farm and woodland in Southern Virginia, Eupepsia Wellness Center, opened in 2017, offers integrated and Ayuveda-focused health and wellness retreats for individuals, families and small corporate groups.

Bordering the Jefferson National Forest and the Appalachian Trail, the boutique wellness resort offers 26 double rooms and facilities in a chalet-like environment surrounded by nature.

Facilities include an all-day restaurant with offerings ranging from healthy, vegetarian farm-to-table cuisine to international dishes ranging from Peking duck and spaghetti Bolognese. The Eupepsia Wellness Center is a full-service spa with amenities including a hydrotherapy pool with an underwater treadmill, a hot tub with multi massage jets, hot stone chairs, hydrotherapy bikes, salt flotation therapy and a Himalayan halotherapy salt chalet. A state-of-the-art functional training gym offers two training rigs with a large variety of accessories, unique cardio machines, obstacle training and a climbing wall. The multi-purpose sports hall is designed for playing tennis, basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer.

In addition to year-round individual retreats plus family retreats during the main school holidays, Eupepsia offers a wide choice of meeting space for group gatherings, corporate meetings, and team-building as well as for specialized athletic retreats.

Eupepsia Wellness Center
Accommodations at Eupepsia.

Point(s) of Distinction
While Eupepsia is not a medical facility. it does have a unique take on health and wellness following the science of Ayurveda, as well as the latest research in preventative health.

Lifestyle-related conditions such as stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, weight, or metabolic conditions are addressed with a customized approach through progressive screenings and a wellness plan tailored to each individual.

Eupepsia Wellness CenterHealthy balanced nutritious food—completely fresh and free of preservatives—forms an essential corner stone of each guest’s individualized itinerary.

What client goals/intentions might be achieved by selecting this property? Eupepsia retreats and specialized programs are designed to help with a variety of goals from weight loss to de-stress and natural detox, to health rebalancing and energy reboots. The property can also be a solution for groups looking for yoga– and fitness-themed retreats.

Can programs be customized to suit client’s needs? Eupepsia Wellness Center customizes all its wellness retreats to each person’s bio-individuality, health condition and personal goals. Each retreat program is designed on individual assessments based both on Ayurvedic principles and advanced and alternative health screenings such as infrared scanner and iridology.

All meals are tailored to guests’ different body types and prepared using fresh, natural ingredients to act as a natural detox to the whole system.

Eupepsia Wellness CenterBest time to travel? The Southern Virginia area boasts a uniquely mild microclimate with each season offering a special draw. Spring is an appealing time of the year with crisp, energizing weather and the surrounding blooming trees and flowers. Summer, with its sunny and warm weather, is popular with individuals and families who can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. This part of Virginia attracts a large number of visitors in the fall with the foliage landscapes and vistas of the Appalachians. In its warming chalet-like environment, Eupepsia offers winter specials and welcomes guests during the holiday season.

Duration and cost? Retreats range from a 2-night weekend taster starting from $616, to a 6-night, weeklong experience for $1,979 andr a 2-week immersion for $3,786. Prices are per person and all-inclusive of accommodations, meals, group classes and activities (yoga, fitness, hiking) as well as health-related talks and taxes.

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