Collette Participates in National Day of Travel Appreciation

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national day of travel appreciation
Collette participates in National Day of Travel Appreciation with messages of hope and gratitude.

Collette participates in a National Day of Travel Appreciation, with messages of hope and gratitude transpiring through social media and video. Alongside the launch of the “Sincerely Yours” campaign, the organization is dedicated to supporting agents during these difficult times and helping to strengthen their hard-earned business through the power of their relationships with clients.

“Today is a day to celebrate you, your contribution, the work that you do, and the support and commitment that you have for your clients,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, president of Collette in a press statement. “We know that this is a trying time in the industry, and want to use this as an opportunity for guests to share stories of the ways in which their favorite travel professionals go above and beyond.”

Check out the full message today: and head to the travel agent network on Facebook at to join in on all the latest.

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