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Celebrity Cruises and Canyon Ranch are, as press material says, setting out “to reinvent fitness at sea.” Keeping the latest innovations and wellness trends top of mind, the redesigned onboard fitness program will debut in June with 20 new fitness classes and seminar experiences for guests.

There are six class categories based on different core needs and exercise groups: Sweat, Conditioning, Longevity, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Acupuncture.

“With this new program, guests can enjoy a best-in-cruise fitness experience with unrivaled amenities, experienced and highly trained fitness experts, and a full schedule of invigorating and body-changing classes on board our ships,” said Brian Abel, sr. v.p., hotel operations for Celebrity Cruises, in a press release statement.

Among the new classes and seminar experiences are:
SWEAT: TABATA IMPACT Less is more, with this fast and furious integrated interval workout that hails from Japan. Tabata offers the best of cardio and training techniques to provide a full-body workout incorporating enhanced core-strength training exercise

CONDITIONING: PILATES TO THE BEAT This lively, Pilates mat-inspired class is choreographed to upbeat pop songs. Guests can challenge themselves to rhythmically flow from one exercise to next

LONGEVITY: AGE-DEFYING TECHNOLOGY Learn about the latest technologies, services and products that could help push back the hands of time

MINDFULNESS: SPIRITUAL CYCLING Incorporate mindfulness of form, awareness of energy, and presence of mind while cycling to a playlist of music that has intention to it

NUTRITION: DETOX 101: WEIGHT LOSS AND MORE Gain knowledge about the most effective detoxifying foods, and how they promote weight loss and overall well-being

ACUPUNCTURE: ACUPUNCTURE FOR PAIN RELIEF Treat pain, revive energy levels, get to the root of digestive discomfort, aid a healthy night’s sleep, de-stress, feel younger, and live longer. Learn from a licensed acupuncturist about the incredible effects of this proven healing practice

To learn more about the revitalized program and see a full list of fitness classes and seminar experiences to be offered when the program launches in June 2018, visit