Tonight’s “The Bachelor” episode, which airs on ABC, will be featuring the cast sailing with U by Uniworld. Ellen Bettridge, president and CEO for the brand, has shared tips on how to make this episode beneficial for agents.

Guests aboard a sailing with U by Uniworld. (Photo courtesy of U by Uniworld.)
Guests aboard a sailing with U by Uniworld. (Photo courtesy of U by Uniworld.)

Bettridge’s Tips:

  • Educate Yourself – “With a small preview experience last fall and the official launch slated for spring 2018, it is safe to say that many agents have not yet had the opportunity to travel with U by Uniworld. And while nothing replaces the real thing, a tour of U’s The B ship as it sails along the Seine in primetime is a great start. Think of ‘The Bachelor episode as the ultimate webinar, a way to have a better understanding of the ship, its layout, design, and the amazing things possible while in destination so that you can be the expert on the experience.”
  • Host a Tune-in Event – “A bottle of rose, a television or streaming device, roses for decoration and you’ve got the perfect ‘Bachelor’ event. Think about meeting new clients by hosting a live tune-in party Monday, Feb. 5 at 8pm EST at your office or a local cafe. The invite alone will serve as a reminder that you’re an expert on the soon-to-be-launched U by Uniworld experience. Over two hours, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with potential customers in a non-sales setting because after all, understanding and really knowing your clients is the advantage only you have in the marketplace.”
  • Build Content – “Content, content, content. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the word, but studies show useable content (i.e. information people want) is more impactful than traditional sales materials for the Millennial market.  Follow our channels over the next week and feel free to repost content about the episode while tagging @UbyUniworld.”
  • Engage Your Audience – “Few shows have a fanbase as loyal as ‘The Bachelor,’ especially within the key target demo of 21-45 year oldsuse this to your advantage! During the episode utilize #TheBachelor and #TravelForU to follow along and share your thoughts about the episode. And after the episode airs, search the hashtags to engage the audience and potentially build new leads.” 
  • Leverage for the Close – “Stay tuned after the episode airs as we’ll be launching a travel package that mirrors some of the experiences seen on ‘The Bachelor.’ Just in time for Valentine’s Day and the official launch of U, the brand’s association with ‘The Bachelor’ immediately creates national awareness, while linking the product to a pop culture phenomenon. Don’t be afraid to name drop!”

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