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Have clients that are complaining about the daily grind? Encourage them to find their inner quiet place in Aman Resorts: five of its resorts in Asia are once again hosting the brand’s iconic Journey to Peace 6-night retreat, which begins on Oct. 20 and runs through Dec. 5, 2022. This getaway aims to help them rediscover the elusive state of tranquility under the aegis of renowned Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach Master Geshe YongDong. The participating resorts are in Bhutan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

The first will be held at Amantaka (October 20-26) in the UNESCO-protected Buddhist center of Luang Prabang, followed by Amansara (October 30 – November 5) in Siem Reap near Angkor Wat’s magnificent ruins, then Amanoi (November 9-15) on Vietnam’s coast, followed by Amanpuri (November 19-25) in Phuket and finally at Amankora (November 29 – December 5) in the mountains of Bhutan. In each of these destinations, Master Geshe YongDong will share the ancient lessons of the Bon Tibetan Tradition, enabling your clients to find the serenity they seek.

Of note is the fact your clients can choose a 6-night retreat at one resort, combine two or more resorts, or even join the whole 30-night program across all five destinations.

Choose Your Calm at Aman Resorts

Your clients will want to know that Aman’s Journey to Peace retreat has been curated as an internal journey. Each destination focuses on a different aspect. They can choose from Embracing Impermanence at Amantaka and Amanoi, Living in the Moment at Amansara and Amanpuri and Awakening the Mind at Amankora—or, as mentioned above, combine programs or join for the entire 30 nights.

Each day will also include Tsa Lung breathwork and meditation, as well as two 90-minute sessions with Geshe YongDong, and a 60-minute evening session of chanting, mantra recitation and meditation. Accommodation and full board are included, alongside one 90-minute Signature Grounding Massage with optional daily group movement classes and complimentary airport transfers. After each retreat, Geshe YongDong will stay on as a specialist in residence for two days for private one-on-one sessions.

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