The Guadeloupe Islands, a department of France located in the Caribbean, are attracting visitors thanks to flights and theme packages, not to mention an endless array of activities. Your clients can experience French cuisine with French-Creole specialities; a variety of environments, ranging from mountains and lowlands to rainforests and beaches; activities and sports, including hiking, snorkeling, surfing and superb scuba diving.

Recommend’s program, the Guadeloupe Islands Specialist Program, created with the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board, will give you all the information you need to sell this unique destination, as well as earn rewards and benefits.

When agents complete the course and take the 20-question exam, they can sign up for the incentive program that uses Recommend’s Agent Transaction Monitor (ATM) to record their Guadeloupe Islands bookings. Agents who have at least one ATM booking can qualify for quarterly rewards and FAM trips. In addition, each quarter the top seller will earn $500, and agents can also earn random awards of $300 and $200. At the end of the year, the top-selling agent will receive a $1,000 award.

Course graduates will also receive benefits including 2 CEU credits from The Travel Institute; credits from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies; a personalized full-color, printable certificate; Guadeloupe newsletters and marketing support; and a listing of their name and company as a Guadeloupe Islands Specialist on the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board website and on’s Guadeloupe Islands Specialist Finder (includes telephone, address and direct e-mailing functionality).

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