Nexion Travel Group Expands Veterans in Travel Program

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Veterans, and their spouses, can learn how to be a travel advisor with Nexion Travel Group's "Veterans in Travel" program.

Nexion Travel Group has revised and expanded access to its Veterans in Travel program. Since 2017, Veterans in Travel has provided a path to entrepreneurship for military veterans who wish to become travel advisors. And now, the scholarship program is open to spouses of active-duty military members.

“We have found that military spouses are an untapped resource for the travel industry,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, president of Nexion Travel Group, in a press statement. “They are intelligent, resourceful people who want a career that can bear the demands of a spouse’s military service, including regular moves around the country and the world. Becoming a travel advisor makes perfect sense, and I am thrilled that Veterans in Travel is now offering scholarships to them as well.”

Veterans and active-duty military spouses accepted into the program will receive:

  • 50 percent off Travel Leaders of Tomorrow Virtual Campus travel agent training modules
  • Activation fee for Nexion Travel Group membership—a value of $199
  • Monthly group coaching

Participants become members of Nexion Travel Group and upon completion of the program, can participate in group coaching and have the opportunity to meet other Veterans in Travel advisors.

To date, Veterans in Travel has awarded 196 scholarships to military veterans and spouses. The scholarship is available in both the United States and Canada.

Katie MacQueen, owner of Better Kate Than Never Adventures, entered Veterans in Travel in 2020. She served in the Army as a Medical Laboratory Technician, running a field laboratory to support the doctors and medics treating both Service Members and local civilians. “Serving in combat in Iraq was one of the first times I had been overseas,” MacQueen said in a press statement. “Although that definitely isn’t what we think of as typical travel, my experiences in the Army made me want to continue to see the world. After some other jobs in civilian life, I decided to become a travel advisor, and Veterans in Travel gave me the background, training and support I needed to launch my agency.”

“Veterans and their families have made incredible sacrifices,” Friedman continued. “Veterans in Travel is the least we can do to show our appreciation. Whether a veteran or a military spouse, these individuals have to be nimble, adaptable, and have often been able to travel and experience the world in a different way. Their rich experiences lend well to the travel advisor profession, and Veterans in Travel is the first step to a successful entrepreneurial career in this industry.”

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