New Zealand’s Revamped Specialist Program

Rocky Bay, Waiheke. (Photo courtesy of Kieran Scott.)
Rocky Bay, Waiheke.
(Photo courtesy of Kieran Scott.)

Tourism New Zealand has revised its online training program, making the modules easier for travel professionals to use.

“The program has been run in different forms for a number of years and has evolved significantly over that time,” says Gregg Anderson, general manager, Western markets. “With this revision we have developed new interactive online training modules to make them more dynamic, visually engaging and easier to use.”

The new 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Program requires agents to complete 10 training modules, attend a Tourism New Zealand-led training session and visit New Zealand. Agents are then granted specialist status for two years. Their status will roll over after that time once they complete an additional two modules and attend another Tourism New Zealand training session.

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