TRAVELSAVERS’ Lead Dash tech is helping travel advisors keep track of massive cancellations and pending credits to rebook in the wake of COVID-19.

The technology was created by American Marketing Group, the parent company of TRAVELSAVERS, after suppliers shared that there were significant credits going unused which agents confirmed they had simply forgotten about. Agents automatically receive notifications alerting them of clients with unused credits and generating marketing support specific to each consumer that they can action immediately.

Lead Dash was created to solve a simple problem: identify open supplier credits and make it easy for agents to follow up with clients,” said Nicole Mazza, chief marketing officer for TRAVELSAVERS, in a press release statement. “It was all about capturing low hanging fruit. In the face of massive cancellations due to coronavirus, this has changed.

“Our agents have reported that they were truly concerned about how they would keep track of record cancellations and the pending credits to re-book when travel demand comes back. Lead Dash has emerged as the right tool for this moment. The program is a win for all involved; suppliers and especially our members, who have let us know,” said Mazza.

Lead Dash is managed through a desk-top dashboard and uses smart technology to identify where clients want to travel next and creates agency-branded e-mail templates so advisors can reach the right client with the right message at the right time.

“Travel will be back and when it is, our suppliers and advisors will know exactly who is holding unused cruise and tour credits and how best to convert them,” said Mazza.

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