Intrepid Travel Resigns from USTOA

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Intrepid Travel will resign its membership from USTOA as of July 31, 2015. The decision to resign is a formality based on a de-merger with TUI.

According to USTOA’s president and CEO, Terry Dale, agents should take notice that payments made before July 31 are protected under the USTOA $1 million Travelers Assistance Program. However, client payments that fall after that date will not be covered by the USTOA program. In addition, Cyndi Zesk, Intrepid Travel North America president, stated that the company has every intention of re-joining USTOA as an independent entity as soon as possible.

Intrepid Travel is also currently running a BOGO offer (plus 40 percent off for the solo traveler) on select North America trips booked before Aug. 20, 2015. For bookings, use promo code 20135.

For more information, call (212) 599-6599 or visit